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Product Information - Nittany Lion Statues

Nittany Lion Statues

Nittany Lion statues are available with or without a wood base. The Lion statue is cast out of a mixture of polyester resin and various fillers. The castings are then finished with acrylic paints and coated with a clear acrylic protective coat. They are available in two finishes, ivory (light off white) or stone (tan with light and dark flecks). The wood bases are available in solid oak or walnut. The oak bases are available stained for a medium brown color or natural for a light beige color. Walnut bases are genuine solid walnut and are finished natural - dark brown. Wood bases are finished with a clear coating that protects as well as brings out the natural beauty of the wood.

Small Nittany Lion Statues

Small Statues
Size comparison of Nittany Lion Statue and Small Nittany Lion Statue.

Small Nittany Lion statues are available in Stone (Tan) or Ivory (Off White) colors and are mounted on solid walnut bases. They are finished in the same manner as mentioned above in the Nittany Lion Statues section. The main difference is the size of the statue and wood base.

Product Dimensions

Nittany Lion Statue

 no wood base
Without Wood Base

Base of statue measures 8.25”x3.25”x4.5” tall

Nittany Lion Statue with Wood base

Base is Approximately 5”x10.5”

Lion and Base total height 5.5”

Small Nittany Lion Statues

Base is 4.75”w x 2.75” deep x 1 1/8” thick

Lion and base total height 2.75"

Ordering Information

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